Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Lace Mess Shawl (in progress)

This week has been a slow knitting week for me as my wife and I had to re-home our dog this weekend (sadness) as he was not getting along with our cat. The cat and I have been together for nine years and we had the dog for less than four months. We were hoping to hang onto his heart for a while until we could find him the perfect home, but that perfect home crept up on us. So instead of knitting this weekend, I drank chardonnay. And then (unrelated to the chardonnay), I had the flu for two days. I am still recovering from the flu, but I went to work today and spent my evening knitting and watching Parks and Recreation! Also, on Saturday, I went to a sale at Baaad Anna's and picked up many treats for Winter which I will be knitting up projects from over the next two months.

As promised last week, I started knitting The Snowstorm Shawl (aka The Lace Mess Shawl) by Sylvia Bo Bilvia, but it has become less of a snowstorm because of the teal colour (I had really hoped for white!) and is less messy than I had hoped (I really like math and counting and patterns) -- but it has provided the experience with lace play that I had hoped for. I am trying to add in some random yo though! I am most of the way though the first hank and am aiming to finish with the hank by Sunday afternoon.

Also, baby alpaca is SO FUCKING SOFT!

So that is all for my blog post this week. But I am wanted to leave you with a photo of my kitten because she is adorable and was loving the baby alpaca almost as much as me (maybe even more!)


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